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I created a program for people wanting to spend more time with their families, the struggling student will now have tools to pay off student loans, the business owner can attract more sales and much more. Our success lies in something called, “Kaizen”. It is a Japanese method of creating small progressive routines each day. Our regular members will obtain baseline information that they can use to start their journey. Premium members will have access to tons of classes and tools. We guarantee results! If you are finally tired of being behind, you need to join our program.

Jake Theoldore

Owner / Entreprenuer

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We offer a variety of classes that suit the nature of anyone searching for personal growth within life, health and finance. I personally believe in my teaching methods so much, I offer my students a 100% money back guarantee!

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James Cook

Property Reals Manager


Jake saw more in me and my business! 

I was a Manager of a popular restaurant in San Diego, CA. My Partner and I began to work with Jake and he pushed us to create our own Catering Company. He had tremendous insight, gave us amazing tools and pushed us to our “Maximum Effort” stage where we opened our company with our first clients within a month. If you aren't using Jake's tools, you're missing out on what you can become!

Lauren Elizabeth

Co-Owner of Rock Salt Catering 

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